Danielle Green has 13 years of makeup artistry experience. Highlights of her career involve working for cosmetic brands including Lancôme, L'Orèal, Yves St. Laurent, Bobbi Brown, Chanel, NARS, Mirabella and Christian Dior Cosmetics. She was invited to be a lead makeup artist at New York Fashion Week in 2015 the subsequently a guest speaker at L'Orèal's headquarters and Paul Mitchell's Cosmetology School. Later she became a National Makeup Artist and Educator for Mirabella cosmetics and the Beauty and Style Editor for Sync Magazine. Her work in the industry has been featured on 100+ brides, advertisements, editorials, national publications, celebrities, celebrity clothing lines, television and music stars. She is currently represented by Sculp Agency for makeup and styling work and only takes commercial projects or bridal makeup for her photography clients.

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Commercial | $150 per hour
Bridal | $150 per application