Meagan and Tylor's Dreamy Winter Wedding

Meagan and Tylor fought the magnetism between them but finally let love and mysterious circumstances bring them together. They celebrated their dreamy winter wedding very stylishly at Pratt Place Barn in Fayetteville, Arkansas and we were honored to capture it! 

Tylor and I hung out for the first time when we were in high school. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. We actually got into an argument that night over my driving. That was the one and only encounter we would have for years to come. After high school, I moved away for school and Tylor stayed in Conway. Every now and then I would find myself trying to look him up on Facebook. I remembered his name was spelt weird and I never had any luck. Over the next few years, we both experienced loss and heartache. After graduating college in May of 2014, I moved back to Conway. Although Tylor and I hadn’t had any communication in years, we often thought of each other. One night in the summer of 2015, Ty was out with some friends. One asked him “Tylor, if you could date any girl, who would it be”? His answer: “Meagan Stiles”. Obviously I was not informed of this until many months later. But our story came into play one night when I went out with some of my coworkers. We ended up spending our night at a local bar, which wasn’t exactly where I planned on meeting my future husband. But hey, God has a sense of humor. My friend was begging Tylor to come out that night. I was secretly disappointed when he responded saying he was already in for the night. Lucky for me, however, she then told him whom she was with. Within twenty minutes, Tylor and I found ourselves sitting directly across from each other after 8 years apart. It took only a few weeks for the two of us to realize that we couldn’t do life without the other. We didn’t feel the need to waste any time and we were engaged within six months. We haven’t looked back ever since. While there have obviously been trials along the way, our life together has been more amazing than either one of us could have ever imagined. We are so thankful for the Lords perfect timing and His hand on our marriage. Thankfully, we like each other a little more now than we did the first time we met.
— Meagan