two artists on an exciting journey together

with a combined interest for photography, style, adventure and life.


“We established our artistic harmony and Over time, we compiled a dense catalogue of adventures.”


“Connor is a remarkable artist with a deeply complex, analytical and wildly creative mind. Our connection was instantaneous. Over time it developed into an adventurous friendship. It was the kind of magic that people tell you to stop believing in, the kind you knew existed when you were young and naïve. We established our artistic harmony early when we wrote music together, spent the evening drawing each other, built forts, experimented with recipes and lost ourselves in dance. We listened to movie scores while running rogue in dimly lit forests. We styled moody photo shoots and humorous videos. Over time, we compiled a dense catalogue of adventures. It bloomed into a love rapture that morphed my perspective on relationships and people. As our life together began to focus, we knew we wanted to take a step further and build on the world we had created together. So we focused our hobby into a professional project and founded L A Y E R S. We aimed to share our inspiration, journey, and passion projects through visual storytelling.”

— Danielle

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“My first encounter with Danielle, strangely enough, was when my brother, Ryan and I were playing a gig in New York City. We made plans to meet, but they fell through because she was too cool for me. I mean, our conflicting schedules made it impossible. When I was back in Arkansas, Danielle and I finally met and embarked on what would become an endless journey of wonder and adventure. From the early stages of our relationship, we had always expressed our fascination with the idea of storytelling through different mediums. My vessel had always been music. Danielle had her hands in dipped in just about everything from music to painting and illustrations to fashion and photo styling. It was actually Danielle who introduced me to the world of photography and taught me how to look for certain things in photographs that would make one stand out from another. My eyes were suddenly open to an entirely new world that I had never experienced before. We spent countless nights exchanging creative ideas for photographs, writing music, searching for inspiration through books, movies and film scores; developing our own concepts and using each other for our photo experiments. The two of us wanted more from these ideas via the melding of our minds. Eventually we documented our creative process and shared it. We named the documentation of these ideas L A Y E R S.”

— Connor

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Rising Stars
Looks Like Film Choo Choo
Southern Bride

Arkansas Bride
Exquisite Weddings


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AUGUST 21 / 2017

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AUGUST 21 / 2017

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