Meagan and Tylor's Dreamy Winter Wedding

Meagan and Tylor fought the magnetism between them but finally let love and mysterious circumstances bring them together. They celebrated their dreamy winter wedding very stylishly at Pratt Place Barn in Fayetteville, Arkansas and we were honored to capture it! 

Tylor and I hung out for the first time when we were in high school. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight. We actually got into an argument that night over my driving. That was the one and only encounter we would have for years to come. After high school, I moved away for school and Tylor stayed in Conway. Every now and then I would find myself trying to look him up on Facebook. I remembered his name was spelt weird and I never had any luck. Over the next few years, we both experienced loss and heartache. After graduating college in May of 2014, I moved back to Conway. Although Tylor and I hadn’t had any communication in years, we often thought of each other. One night in the summer of 2015, Ty was out with some friends. One asked him “Tylor, if you could date any girl, who would it be”? His answer: “Meagan Stiles”. Obviously I was not informed of this until many months later. But our story came into play one night when I went out with some of my coworkers. We ended up spending our night at a local bar, which wasn’t exactly where I planned on meeting my future husband. But hey, God has a sense of humor. My friend was begging Tylor to come out that night. I was secretly disappointed when he responded saying he was already in for the night. Lucky for me, however, she then told him whom she was with. Within twenty minutes, Tylor and I found ourselves sitting directly across from each other after 8 years apart. It took only a few weeks for the two of us to realize that we couldn’t do life without the other. We didn’t feel the need to waste any time and we were engaged within six months. We haven’t looked back ever since. While there have obviously been trials along the way, our life together has been more amazing than either one of us could have ever imagined. We are so thankful for the Lords perfect timing and His hand on our marriage. Thankfully, we like each other a little more now than we did the first time we met.
— Meagan

Ashley and John's Rustic Industrial Wedding at Fairlane Station

In a world of social media celebrities portraying lives that are seemingly always happy, I think the majority of us feel discouraged to be real because we've confused facade for reality.  However, getting to know Ashley on a personal level during her bridal session was blazingly refreshing. I'm still reeling from how deeply she recognizes that life can be imperfect, heartbreaking and yet simultaneously beautiful. She exudes raw honesty and grace which makes sense when you realize that she spent a great deal of her life expressing emotion through dance as a ballerina. She is also very passionate about helping others and standing up for social justice. I walked away from her bridals with the feeling that it was one of the most impactful shoots I've ever experienced, so I've included some of her bridals in the wedding story. I believe you can feel her strength and brilliant mentality through these images. And through her words, their love story delves into an unforgettable message.

"We went to high school together but didn't go on our first date until ten years after. Everything with John has been one adventure after another. We were long distance at first and we both admit that we didn't think it would last because the distance was extremely hard. In the same breath, we both admit that we couldn't quit whatever it is we were doing. Instantly I knew he was meant to be someone special in my life. He was meant to change me for the better. While dating, we really jumped in head first and skipped the dinner date, cliche stuff. We opted to show each other our individual worlds instead. I took him to a Democrats party and he took me to Wakarusa. We probably went to 100 concerts in that first year. After a year and a half, he moved to Fayetteville so we could concentrate on loving each other with every fiber in our being without the fear of impending doom that distance brings. John's personal goal for every day is to make me laugh, and he succeeds even when I'm in no mood for jokes. We dance in our kitchen on a regular basis. We make it a priority to have fun together every single day. Concerts are still a big part of our life, in fact John proposed to me right in the middle of a concert. This journey is only three years old, yet I have learned so much, grown so much, and smiled so much more than I ever knew was possible. We've been through so much in the last 3 years - external matters that cause heartbreak - but John's emotional support is everything I need to survive even the cloudiest of days. John often reminds me of a lyric we hold near and dear, "life is not the mountain tops, it's the walking in between, and I like you walking next to me." We are having so much fun as newlyweds! We built ourselves a home while engaged and we're living happily ever after with our two dogs and our cat. The future will undoubtedly hold more ups and downs than imaginable, but there's no one else I would want by my side." -Ashley Reeves

Life is not the mountain tops, it’s the walking in between, and I like you walking next to me.
— Ben Rector

The Pacific Northwest

We recently had an opportunity to explore the dreamy lands of Seattle and Portland on my birthday weekend! The beauty of it all was purely intoxicating. We met with Rafal Bojar and his lovely wife, Paulina, and road-tripped it through Washington. Our mornings were greeted with vegan donuts and robust east-coast coffee. The days were long and full of love, adventure and exploration. Rafal's work is spellbinding and working with him was magic. We spent our nights opening our eyes to new worlds of inspiration. As our ideas danced with Rafal's, we lost ourselves in a glittering universe of love, emotion, film, storytelling and intimacy. We walked away from that experience with new friends and wide eyes that were still sparkling from insight. We wanted to run with it, so we did just that. With open eyes and full hearts, we rushed from the coast of Canon Beach the white powdered mountains of Mt. Hood in Oregon and captured as much beauty and honesty that we could cling to from the last drop of time we had.


Dress | Free People [Goodwill, Portland]
Coat | En Creme
Boots | Seychelles
Rings | Kendra Scott
Scarf | Brixton
Luggage | DVF
Cinnamon Bun | Sweetpea Vegan Bakery
Men's Poncho | Zara
Coat + Sweater | H&M
Boots | Urban Outfitters
Shoes | Vans
Weekender Bag | United by Blue

If you'd like to see the video Rafal made, check out our "about" section. 
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Alec and Claire's Farmhouse Backyard Wedding

Alec and Claire married in an elegant ceremony in the backyard of an Arkansas farmhouse. Alec is a designer and Claire is a vocalist, both exemplifying their artistic expression in their beautifully thought out details. Their simple style kept our focus on their sweet moments and powerful connection with family and friends. They also included an espresso bar as a part of their reception which stays authentic to the history of their love story.  "We met in a worship band on a November night, dated through a number of quiet coffeeshops, loved the band Colony House, met each other's families, tried to win over each other's friends, fell in love in the Arkansas humid summer, realized we never wanted to be with anyone else, waited, prayed, and got engaged. We loved doing literally everything together. We became close over simple dinners in Denver, but also because of Target runs for popcorn. We bonded over the hardest things and best things about our own stories as well. Things that happened before we knew the other one was even around. As humans, we desire to be loved and known - when you find someone that not only likes all of your secret quirks but actually LOVES them...? Something beautiful happens.

"The great thing is, it really isn't about "our" story at all. It isn't about the perfect Instagram wedding hashtag or the number of home goods we received at our showers (12 cutting boards and counting). Our heartbeat is for God to change us as we encounter others in the days to come. To know them together as a couple deeply - sharing the same acceptance we found in one another. We believe we can do that through the beauty, creativity and love that He has placed inside both of us."