Dagan and Mallori's White Beach Wedding in Pensacola, Florida

Dagan grew up running around my house, getting into shenanigans with my little brother, Brandon. I've never known a more fun-loving duo in my life, even if that fun meant trouble. The stories are hilariously entertaining. During their junior year of high school, Dagan met Mallori and it really changed his views on life and his personal goals. So much that he's developed into a successful young businessman and entrepreneur. He's a supportive member of his local community in any way he can help. And he credits Mallori for being his support and driving force. Mallori recently graduated medical school and is now a registered nurse. These two high school sweethearts have a great start on life and take having fun seriously. I've never known such a spontaneous couple with a passion for "Leven the good life!" Just scroll through their wedding and you'll see why. Their outgoing and light-hearted nature was expressed in almost every moment of their wedding day. The whole experience exuded a radiance you can only achieve by having a life of joy. With their best friends and wonderful family surrounding them, you can see why they have just that.

So cheers to this adventurous couple! May your love for life ensure that the shenanigans will never end.


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